DGM - DesSoft Diagram Viewer


The DGM viewer is a tool used to view DesSoft’s internal generated diagrams in a DGM format.


DGM - DesSoft Diagram viewer

Additional functionality within the DGM viewer is that it has redlining capabilities for these DGM type drawings. Besides being able to redline, it will also flag the database (when able to connect to the database) document register that there is a redlined document by coloring the document entry in red for easy identifying of all applicable documents. This allows then the drawing office to rectify the database and update the document again with the correct information ensuring that engineering standards are applied and that the drawings are exactly like the plant and up to date.
Flagging of the database completes the document maintenance cycle and taking out the painful frustration of not knowing about these plant changes.
For these DGM type documents DesSoft offers a FREE viewer that can be installed on any amount of computers.

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