DRIVE - DesSoft Radiant Impact Value Enterprise


• This process may commence during the design of the plant and is driven by an intelligent machine impact prioritization process. This leads to an effective, efficient maintenance program.

DRIVE offers structured modules like Machine Mapping – Identify the highest impact machines, create Machine Maps as well as plan your scheduled maintenance ahead of time, Demand & Supply Analysis – Ensure limited downtimes by identifying and addressing operational requirements of equipment in advance, Equipment Data – Getting real-time production data and process equipment condition data from PLC or SCADA, Drawings & Documentation – Linking all associated documentation to any equipment i.e. Design Specifications, Catalogues, Operation Manuals, Maintenance Manuals and even emails related to the specific equipment, as well as Task, Purchasing & Storage, Performance and Financial Management are all standard features within DRIVE.


The Application is based on a SQL data basis and this provides the program with comprehensive data manipulation techniques.

The functionality of DRIVE goes far beyond the ability to create maintenance programs for machines and equipment. It is a comprehensive tool designed to manage a wide range of asset management aspects.

These include the following:
• Machine related technical information - Accessing and storage of such information
• Machine performance information - Condition of machines, operational performance
• Task instructions - Such as inspection tasks, job tasks
• Scheduling - Human resources, tasks, events
• Human resources - Tasking, training
• Know how - Capturing, formulating, conveying
• Real time control system interaction - DRIVE ties into existing control systems such as SCADA’s

DRIVE is suitable for use during the project phase of a new production facility as well as during the operational or use phase.

DRIVE your assets to peak performance

Peak performance can only be achieved if the assets that are used to produce the product are operating at Peak performance levels. Enabling these assets to do so thus becomes of crucial concern. Radiant Operations International (Radiant) offers a powerful solution to this matter in the form of Impact Driven Asset Management™ (IDAM).

The purpose of Impact Driven Asset Management™ (IDAM) is to provide an asset management program which will ensure that the business’ plant and machinery will perform at Peak performance levels. It is here that the plant and machines will operate reliably and efficiently on a sustained basis.
The IDAM process is a structured process that follows a predetermined set of steps which are designed to guide the development of the desired machine asset management program. A software application has been compiled to achieve this objective and this is known as DRIVE.

The DRIVE software application thus forms the vehicle for the development and operation of the asset management program which is established by the IDAM process.

The application facilitates the creation of the following core processes:
• The Machine Map
• The Machine Hierarchy
• The Machine Demand
• The Machine Supply.

An example of a Machine Map and The Machine Demand input box

DRIVE has a flexible, powerful report writing capability which makes it possible to present the outcome of the IDAM process in a variety of formats.

DRIVE Benefits!
Invariably DRIVE provides significant benefits to a client in a very short space of time

The outcome of the process is an Asset Management Program for the plant and machinery in question. The program will be:
• Technically accurate
• Comprehensive
• Efficient

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