EDes - Electrical Designer


Electrical design documentation software that creates documents like Motor Schematic Diagrams, Termination Connection Diagrams, Single Line Diagrams, Datasheets, Hookups, etc.


• Auto-Generated Diagrams - DGM Format
• Single Line Diagrams – SLD
• Schematic Diagrams - DGM
• Wiring Connection Diagrams – WCD
• Termination Connection Diagrams – TCD
• Card Connection Diagrams, etc.
• Intelligent Datasheets – XLS format
• Intelligent Hookups – in DGM, DWG, VSD and XLS formats
• Bill of Material (BOM)
• Cable Block Diagrams – DGM format
• Cable Racking and Routing – With information like: rack schedule, cables per rack and cable route reports
• Calculation Tools – Motor sizing, Cable sizing, Rack utilization and cable lengths
• Built-in Reporting – Reports like Motor and MCC load lists, Document register, Cable schedule, I/O schedule and many more…
• EDes has all the Electrical functions as explained in the 1Des solution

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