FDes - Fieldbus and Instrumentation Designer


Fieldbus and Instrumentation design documentation software that creates documents like Loop Connection Diagrams, Termination Connection Diagrams, Datasheets, Hookups, Fieldbus Network Layouts, etc. and reports like Instrument lists, Cable schedules, I/O schedules, Different costing reports, etc.


• Auto-Generated Diagrams – DGM Format:
• Loop Connection Diagrams – LCD
• Termination Connection Diagrams – TCD
• Card Connection Diagrams – CCD, etc.
• Semi Auto-Generated Diagrams – DGM and DWG formats:
• Network Layout Connection Diagrams
• Remote I/O Connection Diagrams
• Intelligent Datasheets – XLS format.
• Intelligent Hookups – DGM, DWG, VSD and XLS formats
• Produce a Bill of Material (BOM)
• Cable Block Diagrams – DGM format.
• Cable Racking and Routing – With information like: rack schedule, cables per rack and cable route.
• Built-in Reporting – Instrument, Loop lists, Document register, Cable schedule, I/O schedule and many more...
• FDes has all the Fieldbus and Instrumentation functions as explained in the 1Des solution

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