Our Team

Nathi Chonco

Managing Director

Johan Hamman

Operations Director

Thunis Kruger

Development Director

Leandra Bissett

Human Resources

Mark Taylor

Business Developer

Andre Bestbier

Application Engineer

Marnus Kruger

Application Engineer

About Us

The developers of the DesSoft software have also developed the following documentation software:

  • Company Level - Instrumentation Organizing System (Precious Metals Refiners - South Africa)
  • National Level (SA) - PiSYS4, PiSYS5 and PiSYS6: Instrumentation Software
  • National Level (SA) - ELSYS: Electrical System
  • International Level - AutoPLANT Instrumentation V15 and V15.1
  • International Level - AutoPLANT PIW V16 (Includes Electrical)

Our Core Values

Customer First

We focus our efforts on building and growing customer relationships, working relentlessly to understand their needs, delivering excellence and exceeding their expectations, thereby, becoming indispensable and dependable partners.

Collaboration & Teamwork

We are committed to team goals through positive attitude and cooperation, always putting the success of the team and our customers above personal interests and exhibiting objectivity and openness to others’ views.

Creativity & Innovation

We continuously generate innovative solutions for ourselves and our customers, question conventional methods, embrace new ideas and think non-traditionally.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed and hold ourselves accountable for personal and organizational excellence. We are self-critical and driven by a sense of urgency and the search for ever-increasing efficiencies.

Our Mission

  • To have the shortest most effective support service in the industry.
  • To remain committed to an entrepreneurial spirit that does not tolerate waste or bureaucracy and rewards achievement.
  • To supply the industry with the easiest to use and most productive documentation design tool.
  • To expand the wide use of our software within the different market sectors such as: Mining, Chemical, Petroleum, Energy, Nuclear, Food, Water, Paper, Marine, Including Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) type companies and Others...

Our Vision

To be a world leading, most innovative software company supplying exceptional engineering documentation design software & services to all process, electrical and instrumentation engineers as well as designers. To offer integration to all value adding software available and providing the shortest support cycle in our industry.