We want you to know how much we appreciate the way you have dealt with the upgrading of your FDES package to deal with quick easy-to-use ASI design.

As you are aware your system is widely used within DRA Mineral Projects and although the system was more than adequate to deal with all possible instrument designs the inclusion Exact Auto Connect function has significantly reduced the turnaround time of our ASI system design. I would estimate that on our upcoming plant of approximately 2000 field instruments and 1000 stop/start stations the inclusion of this tool will save the project in the region of a 100 man hours of FDES design time.

Thank you for your excellent and professional service.

Best regards James Frank Booth (BEng Electrical)

DesSoft’s FDes design software was a vital tool for completing the detailed design of the Instrumentation and Control portion of the Alcan G3 expansion. It has saved us countless hours in producing the 4000+ engineering drawings such as: Loop drawings, Distribution Board SLD's, Fieldbus termination drawings, Conversion Junction box drawings, Marshalling Cabinet termination drawings etc.

As all the data was held within the DesSoft Database it enabled the other engineering and Construction groups utilize the 20+ different Database reports for everything from Cable Schedule, Label Lists to various different IO Lists etc. All the above was developed and completed utilizing only 2 dedicated FDes operators over a year and a half.

By: Seamus McDwyer - G3 Senior Instrumentation Design Drafter