FDes - Fieldbus and Instrumentation Designer


DesSoft applications produce a host of engineering documents for Instrumentation and Electrical disciplines on an integrated database and have the following features:

  • Total Inter-Discipline Integration- Central database between EDes and FDes.
  • Total Scalable, Customizable and Flexible- Can be used effectively and productively on any project, big or small.
  • Maintenance Tool with Red-Lining Capabilities- when generated file is red-lined, the database is flagged red as well to complete the document life-cycle.
  • Open Architecture- The ability to work directly in the database tables as spreadsheets views.
  • Multiple Document Interface (MDI) - the ability to have multiple modules open simultaneously and switch between them using tabs.
  • Dockable Windows- Windows can be dockable to optimize screen space OR undocked and placed on an additional screen.


One design tool for electrical and instrumentation documentation

Speed Tools

  • Auto-Generated Diagrams - DGM Format
  • Single Line Diagrams – SLD
  • Bulk document builder for loops and panels.
  • Schematic Diagrams - DGM
  • Wiring Connection Diagrams – WCD
  • Termination Connection Diagrams – TCD
  • Card Connection Diagrams, etc.
  • Intelligent Datasheets – XLS format
  • Intelligent Hookups – in DGM, DWG, VSD and XLS formats
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Cable Block Diagrams – DGM format
  • Cable Racking and Routing – With information like: rack schedule, cables per rack and cable route reports
  • Calculation Tools – Motor sizing, Cable sizing, Rack utilization and cable lengths
  • Built-in Reporting – Reports like Motor and MCC load lists, Document register, Cable schedule, I/O schedule and many more…
  • EDes has all the Electrical functions as explained in the 1Des solution.

CAD and Database independent

1Des has an internal drawing editor that saves documents in DGM format but can also save all DGM documents as DWG or PDF formats without the requirement of any additional software installed. 1Des can connect to Microsoft Access or SQL databases as required, changes can be made to the table without the requirement of any other software installed.

Accurate data

1Des is a relational database system that ensures accurate data entry from where all documents are generated. This means that data lives in ONE place and changes only have to be made in ONE place and all documents will be correctly updated.

Integration to other systems

Data in all the tables can be exported to various formats like XLS, CSV, TXT, etc to enable other software systems to re-use the same data like PLC/DCS, SCADA, etc systems. These lists can also be imported to add more data records or to update the existing records. A P&ID tag extraction tool is provided to gather information from DWG files and import it into 1Des.

Change control and document management

All 1Des documents like the connection diagrams, reports and datasheets are saved in their respective revision folders so that all previous revisions can be viewed. By using the “Update Repository” button, all the above documents latest revisions are copied into one central repository folder anywhere on your network, as user defined. Three access levels to a project is allowed, namely Guest, Designer and Administrator. Change Control can be switched on at any stage of the project phase and will start monitoring any changes or additions made to specified fields and will save the date, the old and new values, the tables and the logged-in name.


  • Cable Block Diagrams
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Loop Connection Diagrams
  • Terminal Connection
  • Diagrams Motor Schematic Diagrams


  • Motor and MCC Load List
  • Instrument List
  • Document Register
  • Datasheets
  • Hookups


  • Cable Schedule
  • Cables per Rack
  • I/O Schedule
  • Card Layouts
  • Rack Schedule

Cost Reports

  • Motor Cost
  • Instrument Cost
  • Cable Cost
  • Device Cost PLC/DCS
  • Card Cost

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